1. Maintain a clean eating diet as a lifestyle with less sugar and sodium
2. Workout 3x per week
3. Gain less than 25 lbs. pregnancy weight
4. Run Thanksgiving Turkey Trot 5K - first post baby race!
1. Pray every night before bed (in my head or with Tyge) - specifically for the baby
2. Be in the Word 3x per week

1. Blog 3x per week (kind of relationally anyway - my friends and family read this - hi everyone!)
2. Set time to see both B & G family 1x per month

1. Pay off Acadia before I've had it for one year (August)
2. Continue to save our monthly amount
3. Use Kingdom $ (money we've set aside in addition to tithing to bless others)

1. Be less controlling and let others (namely Tyge!) help with things
2. Be more spontaneous and less rigid/scheduled
3. Be less internally judgmental

-Get a living will in place
-Get to bed by 10:30 on work nights most nights
-Stop using electronic devices (cell, computer, TV) at least 30 minutes before bed