Friday, March 30, 2012

19 weeks

Oops - I missed a few weeks with being gone. I can't believe I'm almost halfway done with this pregnancy!

Due Date: August 25, 2012

How far along: 19 weeks

The Bump:
(This was actually from a week ago in Puebla, but it hasn't changed much)

Total weight loss/gain: +2, so -7 lbs overall

Workouts: I was so wiped this week from adjusting back to life after the mission trip, that all I could do after work was hit the, none.

Baby items purchased: Nothing this week. Now that we're back from the trip, I can start to focus on the nursery!

Sleep: I can't sleep on my back anymore, which I miss. My hips hurt a bit at night, but I'm still sleeping pretty well.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Certain smells I don't love, but no real nausea right now.

Symptoms: Feeling better being in the second tri! I'm still tired but that's really it for symptoms this week!

Food cravings: Carbs, fruit, carbs. I currently don't like veggies or eggs.

Maternity clothes: In maternity pants, normal shirts still fit fine.

Stretch marks: No

Gender ideas: We're team green - not finding out!

Movement: Nothing that I KNOW if the baby just yet - should be coming soon. I can't wait!

Labor Signs: Not yet, thank goodness!

Miss anything: Sleeping on my back comfortably!

Best moment this week: Our sweet Anniversary celebration on Wednesday - we watched our wedding video and Tyge made me a yummy dinner for us, complete with a surprise homemade flan (my new Mexican fav) for dessert! :)

Looking forward to: Our first ultrasound next Thursday!!! We finally get to see Petrie's sweet little face!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Happy Anniversary to the best husband in the world! 

Three years ago today I walked down the aisle and married my best friend. Life with him has gotten better each year, and each day since.

Two years ago today we had just gotten a new puppy and couldn't go too far from home, so spent one night away at a B&B in Stillwater.

One year ago today we were in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico on an awesome anniversary vacation and had a romantic Oceanside dinner to celebrate.

This year, we just got back from our mission trip so will spend a low key night in watching our wedding video and cooking dinner. There's no other way I'd rather celebrate three years of marriage with my hunny.

And next year, we'll have our own baby in ours arms to celebrate with!

After watching Tyge interact with the orphanage children for the past 10 days, I can honestly say I am more in love with him than ever. He is one amazing husband, and I cannot wait to see him in his next role as a father - I know he'll be amazing at that as well!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Back to Reality...

Well here I am, back at work after an amazing, incredible, life changing 10 days at Esperanza Viva in Puebla, Mexico. Tyge and I took the day off yesterday to adjust back to life in the states, and it was an adjustment indeed! I got sick while in Mexico, so I spent much of the day napping, but we also looked through pictures and began to record our experiences on paper so we didn't forget, and talked about the things we learned and how we want to implement change in our lives here - that one will be an ongoing discussion. :) 

Just so I have the whole trip down in one place for my own benefit, I plan to do a blog post for each day there, complete with pictures. I'll have those up over the next week, but for now wanted to say I'm home safe and sound, and forever changed. God is SO good! 

Evalin and Ximena, two of the little girls I fell in love with at EV.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Why Petrie?

I've had a few people ask why we call the baby "Petrie" and came to the realization that some may assume it's in reference to a Petri dish baby, which isn't the case! It's a silly story really...

One night a few months ago Tyge surprised me by bringing up The Land Before Time to watch on Netflix - I LOVE that movie! We thoroughly enjoyed watching it and Tyge commented that I reminded him a little of Ducky, so that became my nickname.

Then for some reason (and he does NOT remind me at all of the slothful dinosaur) I started calling Tyge Spike. And that stuck - sorry hunny. :)

When we found out we were pregnant the first time, somehow I started referring to the little one as Petrie - like the cute, timid little dinosaur who had trouble flying.

I'm not superstitious or anything, so saw nothing wrong with calling this second little one Petrie as well. I am so thankful that this Petrie seems to be a flyer and not a faller (movie reference!), and will love him/her even if they look like a baby pterodactyl.

Friday, March 9, 2012

16 weeks

Due Date: August 25, 2012
How far along: 16 weeks (I missed last week - oops!)
The Bump:
A little bigger than the 13 week picture in this same shirt!

Total weight loss/gain: still -9 lbs overall
Workouts: Went for a 3 mile walk outside on Tuesday, did a light arm weight circuit last night.

Baby items purchased: I did order a custom bedding set (crib sheet, crib skirt and quilt) I found on Etsy and LOVE! It takes 60 days to make so I figure once we get it, we can start on the rest of the nursery (which will be "woodsy" themed - sage green walls with a large tree decal, white furniture, brown/aqua/yellow for color accents, and other woodland animal accents around the room).

Sleep: MUCH better, thanks in large part to our new mattress! I still sleep on my back a bit, which my midwife said is okay to do until 16 weeks. Which I'm at now. Time to invest in a body pillow!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nausea is mostly gone, but I still can't eat salmon...

Symptoms: Still have migraines a few times a week and my sciatic nerve started giving me trouble this week, but overall feeling MUCH better in the second trimester!

Food cravings: Still on my soup kick - eat it almost every day for lunch! I made a huge batch of chunky tomato with rice this week that I've been enjoying. :)

Maternity clothes: In maternity pants, normal shirts still fit fine.

Stretch marks: No
Gender ideas: We're team green - not finding out!

Movement: Nothing that I can tell is the baby yet - I have some stomach bubbles that websites say could be "quickening", but it may be too early for that...

Labor Signs: Not yet, thank goodness!
Miss anything: Red wine :)
Best moment this week: Going for a long walk with Tyge and Keely and enjoying the spring weather preview we had!

Looking forward to: Next week's 17 week appointment when we get to hear Petrie's heartbeat again!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Three Things I'm Thankful/Excited For:
1. The first grill of the season - and this great weather we can thank for it! Tyge and I took Keely on a long walk around the lake after work tonight and the nice weather made us want to break out the grill.
The master at work! We still kept in the screen porch - never know when it may snow again. This is MN, after all.

Poor Keely girl longingly staring at yummy smelling food being grilled.

The finished product - grilled turkey kielbasa, grilled asparagus, and mashed sweet potatoes. YUM!
2. Our new mattress! I cannot put into words what a difference a better night's sleep has made. I had no idea how poorly I was sleeping until it was replaced! Praise God!
3. My momma's home cooking - she made a casserole for us that we ate Sunday and yesterday evening, and we've eaten many a frozen soup or dish for dinner during this first trimester that she's made us. Even if I'm not up to cooking, at least we get home cooking from Candy!
Three Things I'm Praying For:
1. A repeat, but our upcoming trip to Mexico - covering many things in prayer such as the travel itself, the team dynamic, the kids  and people we'll come into contact with down there, etc.
2. Also, praying for continued energy for myself and the other pregnant woman on the team - it will be a physically, emotionally, and spiritually exhausting trip so we'll need God's help to get through it!
3. Some work stress for myself, Tyge, my dad, and other friends and family I know - guess it's that time of year!