Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Back to Reality...

Well here I am, back at work after an amazing, incredible, life changing 10 days at Esperanza Viva in Puebla, Mexico. Tyge and I took the day off yesterday to adjust back to life in the states, and it was an adjustment indeed! I got sick while in Mexico, so I spent much of the day napping, but we also looked through pictures and began to record our experiences on paper so we didn't forget, and talked about the things we learned and how we want to implement change in our lives here - that one will be an ongoing discussion. :) 

Just so I have the whole trip down in one place for my own benefit, I plan to do a blog post for each day there, complete with pictures. I'll have those up over the next week, but for now wanted to say I'm home safe and sound, and forever changed. God is SO good! 

Evalin and Ximena, two of the little girls I fell in love with at EV.

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