Friday, March 9, 2012

16 weeks

Due Date: August 25, 2012
How far along: 16 weeks (I missed last week - oops!)
The Bump:
A little bigger than the 13 week picture in this same shirt!

Total weight loss/gain: still -9 lbs overall
Workouts: Went for a 3 mile walk outside on Tuesday, did a light arm weight circuit last night.

Baby items purchased: I did order a custom bedding set (crib sheet, crib skirt and quilt) I found on Etsy and LOVE! It takes 60 days to make so I figure once we get it, we can start on the rest of the nursery (which will be "woodsy" themed - sage green walls with a large tree decal, white furniture, brown/aqua/yellow for color accents, and other woodland animal accents around the room).

Sleep: MUCH better, thanks in large part to our new mattress! I still sleep on my back a bit, which my midwife said is okay to do until 16 weeks. Which I'm at now. Time to invest in a body pillow!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nausea is mostly gone, but I still can't eat salmon...

Symptoms: Still have migraines a few times a week and my sciatic nerve started giving me trouble this week, but overall feeling MUCH better in the second trimester!

Food cravings: Still on my soup kick - eat it almost every day for lunch! I made a huge batch of chunky tomato with rice this week that I've been enjoying. :)

Maternity clothes: In maternity pants, normal shirts still fit fine.

Stretch marks: No
Gender ideas: We're team green - not finding out!

Movement: Nothing that I can tell is the baby yet - I have some stomach bubbles that websites say could be "quickening", but it may be too early for that...

Labor Signs: Not yet, thank goodness!
Miss anything: Red wine :)
Best moment this week: Going for a long walk with Tyge and Keely and enjoying the spring weather preview we had!

Looking forward to: Next week's 17 week appointment when we get to hear Petrie's heartbeat again!

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  1. Oooh! I can't wait to see this bedding! Sounds incredible. :) Also... Sena can't wait to meet her little buddy (although she knows she needs to be patient for a few months yet), and will also love it even if it comes out looking like a pterodactyl. :) You're funny.