Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Visit Up North

Since we had a 3 day weekend, we took Aven up North to stay at Baga and Maga's house for the second time in her little life! It was so nice to get away and visit family, and we really enjoyed our time there. Unfortunately, little miss did NOT do well with sleeping in a different environment and was up several times a night. Once we got home, she got full blown sick so we figured she caught a bug up there and was starting to get sick, which affected her sleep.
We only snapped a few pics while there, but they show how blessed Aven is to have so many people in her life who love her!
Eating cousin JJ's head

This picture is SO precious!

With her Great Grandpa Reuben and Great Grandma Ellen - her only living Great Grandma

With Uncle Brian, JJ, and Maga

Then this happened. A true badge of honor for a Dad! ;)

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