Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Aven's Dedication

Last weekend was a special event - we had our sweet baby girl dedicated!

Now I grew up Catholic and was baptized as a baby, but was also baptized again as an adult after (re)committing my life to Jesus. I want Aven to grow up and make her own decision to follow the Lord and show her commitment through baptism when she decides she is ready. That being said, we still wanted to participate in an infant dedication, which our church describes as "the act of giving back to God the gift he has given you as parents. It is an act of worship, thanksgiving, dependence, trust, and commitment." We also wanted to publicly covenant to raise Aven children by modeling Godly principles with the desire that one day, she will receive Jesus Christ as her personal Savior.

We invited the Grandparents, Brian, Naomi, JJ, & Lark, and my best friend Besty, her husband Eric, and son Levi. We kept it to a small group of family (and my best friend) who will be Aven's spiritual mentors throughout her life and support her in her faith as she grows. Since our church is a mega-church, they had a separate service on Saturday night for the babies and their families - 6 total were dedicated. It was a short service, beginning with a slideshow of the babies, then the parents and babies came to the stage where the children's pastor read their names and meanings as well as the life verse the parents had picked out. She prayed for each child, then the guests prayed over the children as well, and that was it! Short and sweet. :) We then had everyone over for dinner and cake to celebrate with us. We are so blessed to have family and friends to help guide us as we parent our little girl and she is so blessed to have such amazing people in her life who care for and love her.

The verse we picked for Aven was Psalm 25:5 - Guide me in your truth and teach me,
for you are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long. (Yes, I picked a verse with HOPE in it, as that's her middle name!)

Watching herself in the slideshow
Proud parents
The children's pastor praying over her
With Mom and Dad
The whole crew!
A little cake celebration after - too bad she couldn't have any!

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