Thursday, September 27, 2012

Our Hospital Stay

So after Miss Aven was born Tyge and I got a few good hours of bonding time in with her and I got to take a bath, then we called the grandparents. We hadn't updated them since heading to the hospital 12+ hours prior, so I'm sure they were wondering what was going on! They wanted us to call anytime day or night so we did exactly that, at about 3 AM! Tyge's folks had driven down to stay at our house minutes from the hospital, and my parents don't live far away so they both came to meet Aven in the middle of the night. We didn't tell them the sex of the baby on the phone and waited until they arrived in person to introduce them to their new grand DAUGHTER, which was really neat.

Just a few hours old

Proud Grandmas meeting her for the first time
Exhausted but happy new momma!

My dad was at the Democratic National convention in Tampa for work and I know it killed him to be away when she arrived. I called him separately and told him she was a girl, and he was so thrilled.

After they left, we tried to get some sleep but Aven pretty much cried the whole night in between nursing sessions...I was starving since I had nothing in my stomach from throwing up, so when the cafeteria opened up at 6 AM I ordered breakfast and we were up for the day. We knew we'd have many visitors that day and man, did we ever! We were so blessed to have lots of family and friends visit us that day - I think we had 30+ guests! At one time in the evening, there were 10+ people there at once and I was trying to feed her so the nurse kicked everyone out - oops. That did get a little stressful, but we were so happy to have people come visit us.

With my old roommate Bria and her 3 month old son Louie - one of the many potential boyfriends for Aven :) It seems all my girlfriends have baby boys!

4 generations - Aven, Daddy Tyge, Grandpa Denny, Great Grandpa Carl
With friend Bridget, who is having a baby in late winter!
With my best friend Betsy, who has prayed for Aven since before she was born
Kim holding her
Proud Unca B and Auntie Naomi
Cousin Lark seems very excited - they are one year apart and will be the best of friends!

After the last guest left around 9 PM on Thursday night, we did sent Aven to the nursery in an attempt to get some sleep since we had been up for almost two days! We managed to get a few hours in, and the nurses would bring her in every 2-3 hours to feed and to check on me. Every nurse and aide there was great and so helpful and I fully took advantage of their knowledge and asked tons of questions. I woke up Friday morning feeling refreshed after actually sleeping some, and I even got to take a shower and do my hair and makeup which felt amazing!


Friday was a more low key day with less visitors and just Tyge and I enjoying our new baby girl and getting to know her. Aven had her first pediatric check up - she was perfectly healthy, though she didn't love being naked and cold!

We took a ton of pictures on Friday since we didn't take any the day before (thanks to my mom for capturing some of our visitors!) and here are a few of my favorites:


We also had a few family visitors during the day and Brian and Naomi got to come back Friday around dinnertime as they met her when there were the 10+ people the day before so we wanted to have them back for some more quality time, which was great. My dad also arrived back in MN on Friday night, so got to meet her for the first time as well - that was really special.


Memorable story - when my parents were there, we smelled a strong gas odor in our room. Turns out a tanker had overturned a few blocks away and the smell was coming in through the vents. It was really strong in the maternity ward so they evacuated patients and we all had to go in the hallway until the smell cleared. It was a funny sight, all these newborns in their rolling crib/cart things and new mommas in their hospital gowns, hanging out in the hallway. Luckily we were only out there for a hour or so, and it makes for a good story!

So thanks to my daughter for coming 4 minutes into Thursday, we got to stay one more night! I can't imagine having left on Friday....we sent her to the nursery again Friday night and got some more shut eye. "They" say it's best to room in while in the hospital, but I knew I wouldn't have that help with her once we got home, so we opted for sleep and it was a good decision for us. :) Saturday morning we had a discharge class with the nurses, she got checked out by the pediatrician, I got checked out by my midwife, and we were free to go!

Teeny buns and feet!
She did NOT like her carseat...and Tyge and I look exhausted!

Leaving the hospital with OUR baby in her carseat was such a surreal feeling! Putting her into the car and driving the 2.2 miles home was so nerve wracking - I think I made Tyge go 10 under the speed limit. We arrived home to a welcoming committee of the grandparents with festive decorations and a yummy brunch.

All in all, it was such a wonderful delivery and a fantastic hospital stay. Everyone we came into contact there was so great and I felt so good about the care both Aven and I received. Coming home was nice as well, but I did miss the hospital those first few days home - having all the help you need at your fingertips was sure great!


  1. What a blessing, Congrats again! you have one beautiful little girl!

  2. So fun... I love all the pictures, but especially the one of her hand on yours. Too cute