Thursday, September 20, 2012

What a difference a year makes.

Just about two weeks ago, there was something about this time of year that I recognized. Something about the fall crisp in the air, my friend Katrina's Dipfest party, the UHG Golf Tournament - it all reminded me of something. And then I remembered. Not that I ever forgot, but the blur of the past few weeks with Aven has made my mind not as sharp! This time of year and these events reminded me that one year ago was when we found out we were pregnant for the first time.

It all brought back the memory of seeing that pee stick the first time around, and telling Tyge we were pregnant. 

And then I realized that one year ago today was the day we miscarried.

I'll be spending a few hours this afternoon at the UHG Golf Tournament where last year I had to fight back tears the entire time. This year, I'll be proudly talking about and showing pictures of my daughter who turns 3 weeks old today.

It's so amazing to think that, had we not miscarried our first child, we wouldn't have Aven Hope. Sweet little Aven who we already love so much and can't imagine life without. God truly has a plan for everything that is bigger and better than we can even fathom, and I am so thankful for that. I know we'll meet that first baby in heaven some day, and until then I am so grateful that God planned for Aven to be in our arms instead of just our hearts like the one we lost a year ago.

Me and my sweet baby girl


  1. Love this picture of you girls :) She is such a doll!

  2. I'm going to start crying at work! ;) You both look so beautiful :) She truly is a blessing. Love you both!

  3. It really is amazing how much can change in one year. Enjoy your day and LOVE the picture!