Monday, July 9, 2012


I've been given the "okay" from Tyge to blog about this, so here's the scoop. In addition to the major life change of having a child in 6.5 weeks, Tyge has taken on another one - a new job!
I made him a congratulations dinner, including his favorite IPA, on his last day of work last Friday. And random disclaimer - his shirt is a play on Matthew 10:39 - "Whoever finds their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life for my sake will find it." :)

He's been with Boston Scientific for 10 years (a long time for someone whose not even 30!) and went into the company with the goal of getting onto their Sales force someday. He started in IT then moved to the Business side when it was suggested he do so in order to be groomed for Sales. Long story short, he put in his time and when it was apparent that a Sales job wasn't in the near future there for him, he began to look outside BSC.

Over the past few months, he's applied at many companies but because he doesn't have any actual sales experience on his otherwise fantastic resume, he had a hard time getting looked at. Anyone who knows Tyge knows that he'd be an excellent salesman as he's so great with people and building relationships, but without the experience on his resume it was hard to get past HR. Well, one place (a Nutraceutical company) he applied at called him back and he had a successful phone screen, then second round onsite interview in MN, then a few weeks ago they flew him out to Chicago for the final round at their headquarters. It all moved pretty fast to be honest and before we knew it, he had an offer! He had beat out others with more experience than him, and the company saw that he'd be a great asset so offered him the Sales Rep job. I was so proud of him! This is exactly the opportunity he's been looking for, is so deserving of, and is a great long term move for him and our family...

...there's just one downside. And a pretty big one at that.

The training program is 8 weeks long, and he'll need to be in Chicago for 4 of those weeks - set schedule, non-negotiable. You do the math - we have 6.5 weeks to go before baby, and he'll be gone for 4 of them, including the week of our due date. We obviously had a tough decision to make and heavily weighed the pros and cons (this was over baby shower weekend when he was gone fishing so we had a loooong conversation that Sunday night!) and in the end, decided he should go for it.

I want to be clear that I am 100% on board with his decision and so supportive of this new and exciting change for him/us, but still have down swings where I worry about him being gone when the baby is born, not being here to help in these last few weeks, missing him like crazy, etc. I guess I've been spoiled because the most he's ever been gone is 3-4 days during a hunting/fishing trip, and those have certainly been when I'm in a, less hormonal shall we say, state. :) I guess this is my "warning" that I'll probably use this blog as an outlet to write about these worries in the weeks to come, but I don't want my feelings and pregnant hormones to cloud the fact that I am SO proud of him, SO excited for him, and KNOW with complete certainty that this is a God-provided opportunity for him.

That being said, he started today and I know he will be an amazing Sales Rep for this company. He has a steep learning curve ahead of him, it will be a huge change from his old job (so weird to say that!), and the timing couldn't be worse. BUT I know he can handle it, and I know God has the timing in His hands as well.

And I never thought I'd say this, and one more month from now will probably be saying it through gritted teeth, but now I'm praying that baby will come late! Cankles and swelling in the humid August heat ain't no thang if it means my hunny is here for Petrie's big arrival.


  1. Congratulations Tyge!!! So exciting for you guys. Will pray that God provides perfect timing for everything (like He alwasy does anyways). If you ever get bored or feel too alone, the Klauser home is never quiet, you are welcome here whenever!!!

  2. It will all work out. It always does. It may not be what you have in mind but it will be what God has in mind!

    Congrats on everything you two! So exciting!

    Monica Hayek