Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas for Two!

We're home from a lovely six days up North celebrating Christmas with Tyge's family! It is good to be back home, but it was so nice to be up there with no to-do list, plenty of family time, relaxation time, fun time, outdoor time, just a great time overall! I'll be sure to do a post about it in the next few days, but for now I'm getting caught up on our Christmas celebration #3 - just Tyge and me!

We did "our" Christmas last Thursday night before heading up North on Friday. We started the evening off with a dinner I made of seared scallops (with EVOO, light butter, garlic, salt, pepper, and lemon juice), oven roasted sweet potatoes (with EVOO, salt, pepper, and a pinch of cayenne) and pan roasted broccolini (with sesame oil, sesame seeds and a cool seasoning I got from my mom of crushed black and white sesame seeds, sea salt, and pepper). The scallops were such a treat and done just right - a yummy dinner!

After dinner we met Bridget and Ryan at our old church for their Christmas service - last year was awesome so we didn't want to miss this years! This church has some amazing musical talent and their Christmas service is more like a concert than your traditional service. For proof, here's a video of the final song - Little Drummer Boy, done Substance style:

When we got home we got to open presents, my favorite part! Not so much the getting but the giving - I got Tyge some cool things this year and couldn't wait to see his reaction! :) We started by giving Keely her present to keep her busy while we tore into the paper - a giant bully stick that she devoured entirely in the 30 minutes it took us to open gifts.

I'm in my Christmas PJ's, slippers on, hot cocoa in hand, tree lit, Christmas music on, read to open!

My pile to Tyge:

Tyge's pile to me - he wrapped them himself! :)

I got him some things he loved - an axe, range finder binoculars, a wild game cook book (I married a hunter!) and some boring things like new brown shoes. :) He did awesome with my gifts and got me a coat, purse, and he picked out a perfume for me! I love that he went to Macy's and sniffed around until he found one that reminded him of me - he decided on Burberry Body and it smells fantastic!

We had a great time opening presents together and having our own little Christmas celebration. I look forward to years to come when we hopefully have children to start new traditions with - that will make Christmas that much more special. However, for now I certainly enjoyed our Christmas for Two!

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  1. I like so many things about this post -- your dinner looks delish, you look SO CUTE under the tree in your jammies, and your gifts are totally awesome! And also, HOLY COW on that Substance church clip! Nsync in the house! -- my church sounds like this: HAHA! I'm old school ;-)