Friday, December 2, 2011

Keely is 2!

Keely is 2 years old today - it's her Golden Birthday! She got a special treat this morning (two of her regular biscuits with peanut butter in between), lots of snuggles, and a few extra frisbee throws. She doesn't quite get the concept of birthdays but hopefully she'll feel extra loved today!

Waiting oh so patiently for her treat, what a good girl...

Though she's a bit bigger now, that adorable face hasn't changed much!

This is the picture from the breeder that made me fall in love - we weren't planning on getting a puppy until that spring (because potty training in winter is no fun) but as soon as I saw this pic, I was sold. Who wouldn't be?!

I am so glad we "caved" and bought the puppy because I can't imagine any other dog fitting into our family better than Keely. She has brought Tyge and I so much joy in the two years we've had her and I am so thankful she's a part of our family!

We love you Keely girl!

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  1. Awww Happy Birthday, Keely girl!
    We're all glad you "caved" and got her, too :)
    B, R & the Blitzer