Tuesday, August 28, 2012


This one's gonna be pretty one track today, haha!

Three Things I'm Thankful/Excited For:

1. I am thankful that Tyge made it home and will be here from start to finish for Petrie's arrival! I seriously can't describe the elation I felt when he walked through that door on Friday night...

2. I am thankful that, at 40 weeks and 4 days pregnant, I am not completely miserable. I feel physically pretty good withstanding and not mentally anxious really, just so EXCITED to meet Petrie.

3. I am thankful that we are so prepared for Petrie's arrival - we have been showered with gifts, help, love, support and I feel about ready as I can be for this exciting new journey! Petrie is already so loved by me and Tyge, and so many of our friends and family that can't wait to meet him/her as well.

Three Things I'm Praying For:

1. Honestly, for Petrie to come soon - I know he/she will come in his/her own time and that God has the perfect plan. I know to trust Him and that His ways are best, but I can't help but pray to meet our little one soon! Also for my wandering mind (will I have to be induced, etc) to stop and take it one day at a time.

2. Praying for a safe and healthy delivery when the time comes. I have my birth "preference" and ways I imagine and would like it to happen, but the important thing is a healthy mom and a healthy baby, so I am open to however that may happen!

3. Job related things for some of those I love - my Dad is in Tampa this week for the Republican National Convention and gone next week for the Democratic one, which means a crazy hectic schedule for him when he'd rather be home for Petrie's arrival I'm sure. :) I'm so glad the hurricane missed him there at least! Also for Tyge as this is his first week on the road in MN training with his new boss and learning what a day in the life of his new job will be like. A few more prayers for other family and their job situations, but I'll keep it at that. :)

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