Monday, June 4, 2012

Florida Babymoon

Okay, so I really don't like the term "babymoon" but I suppose that's what you can call Tyge and my time last week in lovely Fort Myers Beach, FL! We shockingly had Memorial Day weekend free and a few days of PTO to burn (not like I'll be out for 3 months of anything haha) so we decided a few months ago to take a mini-vacation together - the last one before our lives change!

We left early last Wednesday morning and stayed in FL through Sunday afternoon returning home late Sunday night, so had Memorial Day here. It was just an awesome time together relaxing on the beach, taking walks together, seeing the sights, eating good food, eating a lot of ice cream, and just enjoying each other's company before our world is about to be rocked.

Getting in around 2 PM, Wednesday was spent getting settled into our condo, including stocking up on some groceries so we could eat breakfasts on the balcony and make lunches to save some $$. We walked around the cute town of Fort Myers Beach including the Times Square and Pier area, relaxed on the beach a bit, then napped and ate dinner overlooking the Bay. I started my mission of having seafood at every meal by enjoying some delicious coconut shrimp - so good!

Thursday morning we took the island trolley to Lover's Key State Park, which was beautiful and a LOT of walking. We probably walked 5 miles so I was pretty tired by the time we were done. Lots of pretty sights to see and it was nice and quiet, but really hot so I was ready to eat and chill on the beach when we got back. We had amazing shrimp po'boys back in town then hit the beach again. I had the Hunger Games trilogy to keep me busy so all I wanted to do was read! Naptime again, then dinner on the beach before sunset (which was blocked by buildings) where I had macadamia encrusted grouper. The walk back to the hotel from dinner was over a mile, but we walked on the white sand beach at dark and got to look at the stars and hear the ocean (okay, and stop for ice cream halfway through) so it went fast!

Friday was the day Tyge was most looking forward to - Gator Tour day! We were picked up at 8 AM and joined a group of 7 people for trip to the Everglades. It was an hour drive, where we learned about the history of the Everglades and what we'd be doing that day. We started with a swamp buggy tour (basically an elevated open air school bus that goes through water and on land), took a drive in the wild to see gators, stopped at a roadside attraction and held reptiles, had lunch, then an airboat ride, then headed back. We got lots of great pictures!

We took a looong nap when we got back, then woke up to an awesome storm a'brewin. We sat on the beach watching the clouds for awhile, then had a late sushi (nothing raw for me!) dinner in the Times Square area, followed enjoying ice cream while listening to a band they had playing outside.

After Friday's excitement, Saturday was pure beach day! Tyge walked the beach and took pictures while I laid out and read all day. When we'd get hot, we'd float around in the ocean a bit - the water was so blue and nice - to cool off. We considered renting a sailboat but it was getting pretty windy, so the rental guy advised us against it since we're not expert sailors - we saw one capsize the next day so I'm glad we didn't do it! Saturday night was out "fancy dinner night" at a place called Fresh Catch that I'd heard great things about. We had sunset time reservations on the beach, but literally the MINUTE we got there a storm came rolling in it rained hard for 30 minutes, so everyone had to move inside. We sat at the bar and waited for our table, and ended up sitting inside once the sun had set. I was a little bummed that we didn't get to see one good sunset or get one good picture of the two of us - oh well! Food was really good, I had lobster mac and cheese - as good as it sounds.

Crazy wind = crazy hair!

On our last day we went to a local breakfast shop famous for homemade biscuit sandwiches and cinnamon rolls, and were NOT disappointed - they were so good! I had really wanted to check out Sanibel (the next island over from FMB) before we left as I remembered vacationing there as a kid, so we rented a moped for two hours and headed over the causeway. Picture us on a two person moped, Tyge driving and my big ol' pregnant belly pressing into his back as I rode behind, only able to go about 35 MPH (speed limit 55) due to the weight on the poor bike - we must have been a sight! We made it the 8 miles to Sanibel and had time to hop off the bike for an ice cream stop (what else?!) and to poke around the island a bit, before heading back. After we returned the bike we had a last few hours on the beach, and it was really windy and cloudy which was perfect for reading. We drug the beach chairs right along the ocean and read and napped off an on until we had to shower up and leave for the airport late afternoon.

I am really glad we were able to get away, just us two, before Petrie comes. We kept talking about how this was our last vacation before we have a KID and that reality really struck us! We both got to see him/her move around in my belly for the first time, and it's just hitting us that we only have a few months left before we meet this little person that we already love so much. Sure, now that I'm back I'm thinking about the to-do list and all we have to get done before August, but while we were away, all I could do was focus on how excited I am to become a parent with Tyge and meet this little baby. Sometimes it takes getting away to gain perspective on what's important. I know Petrie won't care if his/her nursery is 100% done, if we have the garage organized, if we have the money we want in savings, or if I've read every book on parenting there is - s/he'll have a mom and dad that love him/her more than anything in the world, and that's all that matters.


  1. So much fun. We went there a few years ago, it's beautiful! By the way, I can't believe you held a snake! I would have wet my pants!!!!!!!

  2. Kate,
    you look GREAT and 28 weeks is such a big milestone. Good for you 2 for taking a babymoon...enjoy your 3rd trimester and keep us posted!!!!