Friday, June 1, 2012

28 weeks

Sooo I skipped a few weeks...

Due Date: August 24, 2012
How far along: 28 weeks - 3rd trimester! The Home Stretch!
The Bump:

Total weight loss/gain: +10 since the early first tri, so +1 overall - more to come, I can feel it :)

Workouts: We walked MILES each day last weekend on vacay in FL (along with laying on the beach and eating a lot of ice cream) and I had a nice walk tonight. Still haven't lifted weights like I thought I would...oops...

Baby items purchased: More nursery items here and there, no baby essentials yet. But I did get the registry completed!

Sleep: Not super...getting up to pee often, and hard to get comfortable despite my Snoogle pillow. Oh and middle of the night leg cramps are the newest thing to wake  - super fun for me AND Tyge as it scares the crap out of him when I wake up crying out in pain, haha!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Not really

Symptoms: Leg cramps, and some mild stomach cramping, and the usual fatigue. Overall, feeling pretty good - it's been an easy pregnancy so far, thank the Lord!

Food cravings: Ice cream, bagels, apples, most anything sounds good right now.

Maternity clothes: Yup, wearing and loving them!

Stretch marks: No

Gender ideas: Tyge is 52% sure it's a girl, I'm 51% sure it's a boy. One of us is right!

Movement: This little one is busy! I feel movement constantly which is so cool, and Tyge can not only feel but we can SEE Petrie moving around in there! I was using my belly as a book prop when reading on the beach, and the book would move whenever Petrie would kick/punch - it was so neat to watch!

Labor Signs: Not yet, thank goodness!

Miss anything: Not being so hormonal and crying at the drop of a hat...oh wait, I did that pre-pregnancy too! :-p

Best moment this week: We spent past of last week and weekend in Fort Myers Beach, FL as a "babymoon" getaway and had a great time together. Blog post to come!

Looking forward to: A "getting things done" day with my mom tomorrow - putting the wall decal up, hitting Ikea for some nursery items, girl time!


  1. Super cute. Welcome to the 3rd trimester, a time of peeing non-stop, no sleep and massive belly growth, you're gonna love it!