Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Woodland Baby Shower!

This past Sunday, on my birthday, my girlfriends threw me the most amazing baby shower. This is the only shower I have before Petrie is born (I have family ones after) and I had been looking forward to it for SO long! The fact that it was on my birthday was really neat, and my friends did an awesome job of spoiling me and making me feel so special.

It was held at Betsy's house, and Katrina and Bridget were co-hosts - we were just missing Chelsea and it was the same group as my bridesmaids (she was in Chicago, due with her own baby in a month)! To go with our nursery, they chose a woodland theme that was apparent from the beginning with the invite:

The decor was adorable - lots of woodland accents in "my" colors, including woodland animals from my old Beanie Baby collection that the girls had gotten from my mom! They also had my baby pictues up everywhere, and even had a little "Happy Birthday" corner, complete with my high school graduation posters!

Front door decor

Entry table

Dark pic, but the birthday corner!

Yummy food, including ants on a log and cupcakes made to look like forest mushrooms!


Everyone mingled and had food and drinks (I didn't get a pic of the drink table but there were homemade blueberry and strawberry puree ice cubes for the lemonade! Yum!) then we played some creative shower games Katrina came up with. She didn't want to do the typical baby shower games (candy bars in diapers? yuk) and knows I love trivia, so came up with three games involving that. First was to match the weird baby name with the celeb couple, then was to name the TV show just by looking at the children on it, and last we stood in a circle and had to guess any name from the top 25 girl and boy names of 2011, sitting down if we were wrong, until there was only one person left standing. Great way to get people involved and we all learned something! :)

I'm really into the game here...

Then it was time to open presents! I was seriously overhwlemed at the generosity of people. I got so many both necessary and fun things, and can't wait until I can use them!
My mom put together a thoughtful woodland themed gift, wrapped with a rainbow from MY baby mobile!

Thanks, Mom!

My first diaper cake made by Annie!

Crib necessities from Betsy

Nursing and changing supplies from Katrina & Erin - you probably can't read it but that's a "My Brest Friend" pillow :)

A bathtime basket from fellow mom-to-be Karla

Katrina also took pics of each guest with their guess on boy (mustache) or girl (lips) - the majority said boy!

Again, I can't say enough what a fabulous shower it was from beginning to end. Thank you to all my lovely girlfriends for coming and for the thoughtful gifts you brought - you made me feel so special and I can't wait for Petrie to meet you all!
The whole group!

And a special thanks to my dear Momma for giving birth to me 29 years ago and celebrating with me 29 years later at MY baby shower...

Yup, we're related...

And last but not least, a HUGE thank you to my best friends (Brest Friends?) and hostess with the mostest:



Petrie is already so blessed to have three Aunties in you ladies who will be in his/her life. I love you and am so grateful for you! Thanks again for making my shower a day to remember!


  1. First off, you looked beautiful!!! So sorry I missed it, it looked like a super nice and enjoyable baby shower. So excited for you and can't wait to meet baby Blomberg soon.

  2. Looks like it was a lovely shower! And good that you got lots of good loot for Petrie!!! You will appreciate that;-)I especially love the photos of you and your mom-you both look just beautiful.

    Hope these last couple weeks are relaxing and productive...keep us posted on your progress (in every sense of the word;-)) xo

  3. Wow, your woodland baby shower turned out to be pretty awesome. I am super excited to see the photos here. I also have been doing preparations for my cousin’s wonderland themed baby shower that I am hosting on this Sunday at the garden event venue New York.