Monday, January 2, 2012

NYE Pajama Party

It's not what you think - not THAT kind of pajama party! So two years ago when we had just moved into our house, we hosted a small NYE dinner party for some couples. My fabulous friend (and hairstylist!) Katrina suggested the attire of the evening be pajamas/comfy clothes and it was awesome. We had a great time that year, despite our oven breaking midway through cooking dinner and having to run over to the neighbors to use theirs (thanks again Karla and Mike!). Last year Tyge and I headed to a different friend's cabin in Alexandria for a weekend away with another set of couples we love, and this year we were torn as we didn't know how we should ring in 2012! In the end, we decided to host a party this year and went with the PJ attire again. I also did a "Vices" theme, where I had different stations set around the house for people to indulge in their vice of choice before giving it up for the New Year.

Entryway decor

Dining room

Blowers as a centerpiece

 Vice #1: Food

 And this is only half the food, before others brought their apps! We had a delicious spread!

Vices #2 & #3: Sweets and Caffeine

Heading downstairs
(my OCD got the best of me and I kept trying to straighten those strings out all night long...I finally gave up and let them be tangled)

 Vice #4: Gambling
(oddly enough we didn't actually play poker, but used the table to play board games)

 Vice #5: Drinking Games

 Vice #6: Video Games

 Vice #7: Swearing
(I didn't really intend for the swear jar to be used, it was more for decoration)

 Vice #8: Alcohol

 The bar all decked out for NYE!
We had a champagne punch (N/A as well since half my friends are pregnant) and other drinks with mixers

Even Bucky was decked out for the occasion! (Tyge was less than thrilled with this haha)

 Beer pong in action

The boys playing Call of Duty, of course :)

 While others played board games!

This is where Keely spent most of the evening - such a good girl

This picture doesn't even do our PJ's glory, but it's the best shot - I had an adult onesie zip up with bunny feet, and Tyge was wearing fleece pants with labs on them and his camo Snuggie worn backwards as a cape!

Happy New Year from us goobers!

A lot of people left before midnight (again, half my friends are pregnant!) but those of us that were left watched the ball drop of the big screen, toasted to 2012, and blew our obnoxious horns loudly. We ended the evening playing a few rounds of Scene It before calling it a night. It was such a fun evening and I was so thankful to have our friends join us to ring in the new year.

All in all, my little 10 day vacation has been awesome - it's going to be so hard to return to work and a normal schedule tomorrow! That being said, off to bed I go. Happy New Year, all!

**Thanks for taking some of these pictures, Bridget!


  1. Talk about a fun way to bring in the New Years! You did a great job decorating too.

    By the way, Nate bought me the same pajamas you have 7 years ago in red, we really need to get a picture of that! :)

  2. Hahah you're welcome! I can't lie, I kinda don't remember too much of playing that game.. I hope my answers weren't ridiculously inappropriate :D

  3. Oops and thanks for having us over too! Love you guys!