Monday, January 9, 2012

Welcome, Little Peanut!

This weekend I co-hosted a baby shower for my dear friend Callie V, held at mi casa. I had tons of help from my other lovely co-hosts (Kim, Bridget, & Carol) and together we put on one awesome baby shower, if I do say so myself! We had a vintage circus theme in her nursery colors (robin's egg blue, navy blue, and yellow) that we dubbed "Welcome Little Peanut!". We made most of the decor ourselves, including this wreath on the front door and sign and bunting over my dining room table, made to look like a circus tent:

Straw wreath, vase with circus peanuts, and popcorn for munching as a centerpiece:

Baby food jars filled with circus peanuts and tealights were scattered throughout the living room:

Balloons made for a cheery entrance:

And this color-coordinated clothesline served as my gift to Callie:

Callie V's very own mobile photo booth was set up in the basement for everyone to take a photo, along with baby-themed props too:

(Photos of us in the booth to come - Bridget took them!)

And FOOD! Oh the food spread was delicious. We had:

 Chocolate moustaches

Lemon and carrot cake pops (those are little peanuts!) and cotton candy

Veggie cones and dip

Yogurt parfaits

Mini sandwiches

Caprese skewers and fruit kabobs

Homemade pretzels with dipping sauces

For drinks we served a "Lion Tamer Lemonade" and "Three Ring Circus Cocktail" in personalized mason jars.

Favors were homemade chocolate dipped apples:

We played two games - one where we had to guess the famous rock/pop song that was made into a lullaby (harder than it sounds!) and a bottle race where we had to drink 3 oz. of water from a baby bottle and be the first to finish - also very hard!

All in all it was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon, showering Miss Callie and Baby V with love. She always does so much for others so it was fun to be able to spoil her for once. She will be one amazing mom and I can't wait to meet Baby V in late March! I couldn't have done any of this without my amazing co-hosts, so a huge thanks to them as well. We had so much fun planning and preparing for it all!

My poor house looks so empty now with Christmas, New Year's, and now baby shower taken down. What will I do with no hosting events on the horizon anytime soon? I'm sure I'll find something to do, like maybe relax a bit. :)

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