Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weekend Recap - "The Pit" is gone!

Happy Sunday evening! I'm sitting here watching the Golden Globes red carpet and catching my breath a bit. I need to go grocery shopping in a bad way so tonight's dinner for me was homemade sweet potato chips and frozen yogurt (not together!) - an interesting combo, but tasted good!

We had a great weekend, starting with our "Nuts" group with Betsy and Eric and Lori and Josh. We call it Nuts because we share life in a nutshell and catch up before diving into whatever book we're reading or splitting into guys and girls time. I love these friends and it was so nice to catch up! Yesterday was the first Saturday at home in awhile that I didn't have to clean before a party or didn't have a mile long to-do list so we took full advantage of that and slept in, ate a nice brunch, cuddled Keely and lounged around. We finally got moving early afternoon to get ready for date night. One of Tyge's New Year's resolutions was to do a date night outside the house once a month - I love that!

We started out by going to Dock 86 (a furniture warehouse place near our house) to look for a new basement sectional to replace "The Pit". Tyge's parents bought The Pit when they were first married 30ish years ago and it made it through all their moves, two growing boys, pets, and all that goes with having a family! Then Tyge had it in his bachelor pad for 5+ years where the poor Pit endured even more. When we got married we used it in our rental house basement and I got to pretty it up with some pillows and throws - it worked great! It followed us to our current house and proudly sat in the basement where it was used for many a movie night, overnight guest, video game session, etc. The Pit is an 11-piece totally modular sectional that is still so comfortable to this day, and they just don't make furniture like it anymore! We've looked at a few places and needed something very specific to fit the basement layout and face the giant movie screen, so we didn't think we'd find anything at Dock 86. There are literally a million sectionals there so it was a bit overwhelming, but a rich chocolaty leather sectional stood out right away. Tyge liked that it had power recliners and consoles for beverages during gaming and I liked that it was comfortable, would match the "rustic" basement feel, and would resist dog hair more than cloth. SOLD! Next we had to find a matching leather couch for under the window, which proved harder to do. Matching leather (colors, textures, stitching, etc.) is hard, but we finally found a couch that complimented the sectional perfectly. They were able to accommodate next day delivery so we got it today - pictures to come, but back to date night!

After Dock 86 we headed into downtown Minneapolis and stopped at The Depot for some indoor ice skating. I hadn't skated in who knows how long, and it was so scary/fun/exciting to step out onto the ice! Just like in a movie, Tyge and I held hands and went around the rink a time or two. That lasted a few minutes, then he was off ahead of me showing off his hockey moves. We were planning on an hour plus of skating but our feet hurt after about 45 minutes - skating is no joke!

Such a cool place in the middle of the city - there's views of Minneapolis through the glass windows all around

We left there and went to dinner at Sanctuary Restaurant, which was amazing! it's right underneath our favorite sushi place (Wasabi) so we've been near it several times but never inside. It's a quaint little place with no more than 15 tables, so a very intimate setting. Tyge had the special of steel head trout with lobster mashed potatoes and I had roasted duck breast and Belgian waffles with a pomegranate sauce (their upscale version of chicken and waffles they said!). The food was amazing, service was also very good, and I really enjoyed their atmosphere. All in all, a great place to dine in Minneapolis! We went home to sit in The Pit one last time and watched Moneyball (awesome movie BTW). It was a great date night indeed and I am so thankful for a hubby who makes those a priority!

So today we had out new couch delivered and it was bittersweet to say goodbye to The Pit, but it's been a long time coming. Here's some pics of the new couch with comparison to the old - we'll miss The Pit for memories sake, but we love the look and feel of the new setup!

 The good old Pit - doesn't look 30 years old at all!

 The new setup - power recliners not activated. ;) It even has spots to hide the remotes and Xbox controllers - perfect!

 The Pit sectional part

New sectional part

 The pit "couch" part

New couch

This was a bit of a tough transition for Keely girl as she was allowed on The Pit anytime she wanted (but not upstairs furniture) so she assumed the same went with the new couch, right? We didn't want her nails to ruin the new leather so are allowing her on the chaise part on a blanket only - doesn't look like she minds too much. :)

I also had a nice lunch today with my new fitness accountability buddy (Hi, Leah!) - a girl I went to middle and high school with and haven't really seen since, but we recently connected over our fitness goals and are helping each other to reach them! As I've learned is the case in many areas of life, accountability is key! So there you have it - our nice little weekend at home...

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