Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Three Things I'm Thankful/Excited For:

1. Wow...after the mission trip, what am I NOT thankful for? A heavenly Father who loves me, earthly parents who love me, a spouse who loves me, close friends who support me, extended family in my life, a warm and cozy home to live in, a puppy who snuggles me, a job that pays me for doing something I like to do, good medical care for me and my family, good healthy food to cook and eat, tablecloths to decorate my table with (**story from the trip - it'll be posted soon), the list goes on and on. I have such a new appreciation for everything in my life and don't take one thing for granted.

2. Our "En Gedi" aka the screen porch. During a Song of Solomon marriage conference we went to years ago, the speaker talked about finding an En Gedi (from Song of Songs 1:14), or sacred place in your home that you and your spouse can retreat to together for quiet time, and the screen porch is definitely ours. Unfortunately we can only use it a few months of the year, but we set it up last Sunday and I am so excited to use it this spring/summer!

3. The coming Easter weekend - I love the significance of this holiday for obvious reasons (He is Risen!) and am especially excited for this year as I get to sing at church, we get to host Tyge's family for dinner on Saturday, and go to brunch with my family on Sunday!
4. And a bonus one this week - our first ultrasound on Thursday!!!! We finally get to SEE Petrie!
Three Things I'm Praying For:

1. Everyone we came into contact with at Esperanza Viva, both the kids (especially Antonio, Agustin, and Yazin - our sponsored kids) and the staff (especially David & Sandra and the Nielsen family, missionaries we're sponsoring).

2. Continued prayers for adjustment for Tyge and me as well as the rest of our team. We went through some awesome things, did good work, and saw God everywhere in Mexico (which Satan doesn't like) so many of us are experiencing spiritual attacks since being back at home. I'm also praying that God uses our experiences and we don't forget what we learned there and just get swept back into the day to day life here - I want to stay forever changed.

 3. A few off health things for me - I got sick in Mexico and am still feeling the effects, namely in my throat which concerns me as I am singing in church this weekend. I also tweaked my back sleeping the wrong way the other night, and it's a bit painful.
**The next few blog posts will be about Puebla, I promise! I'm done with days 1-3 and will get them all up soon!!! :)

With eyes on Him,


  1. Praying for you and healing of your back. You really should be going to a chiropractor, makes a world of difference especially while pregnant.

  2. Momma, Grandma to be:) xoxoApril 3, 2012 at 5:52 PM

    Agree with Natalie on back.....maybe acupuncture, which is also excellent for pregnancy, fatigue, immune system, just about everything. I have the name of a really good one in St. Paul if you like. You and Petrie are in my prayers for healing, and you and Tyge are in my prayers of excitment and anticipation as you have your ultrasound Thursday! (If I were a mouse in a corner there, I'd peek to see if Petrie's a girl or a boy, hee hee)