Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Puebla Day 3 - Church, Baseball & Testimony

Sunday, March 18th

This morning Cathy and I had breakfast duty, so we made everyone breakfast burritos. Rachael shared a devo about warring against the flesh and Satan - letting the waters rise because we have Jesus!

We were picked up for Sunday service at Nations Church, which was another awesome experience! Worship was incredible - I didn't understand the words (well, this one was Dia Feliz or O Happy Day) but I sure felt the spirit! Everyone had their hands raised, smiles of joy, jumping around - see for yourself:

Jerry (he's an orphanage Director AND executive pastor of Nations Church!) then preached a great message on spiritual warfare, which was very timely for our team. He talked a bit about putting on the armor of God (Eph. 6:11) which is something we had talked about as a team before leaving! After the service was over, Rene's wife Kate gave us a tour of Nation's Church, including this mural depicting the 4 ministries of LHI (Nations Church, Esperanza Viva youth home, La Vina ministry school, and school for the kids).

After church we changed out of our nice clothes and had lunch with the kids. The food didn't sit well with my stomach, but luckily I had an adorable 6 year old, Pablo, sitting across from me. Pablo was a hungry, growing boy and ate my whole portion of rice, eggs, and bread! I'll never forget his sweet little face with his huge brown eyes and smile as he asked for "mas, mas!" - God put me next to him at lunch for sure.

After lunch we played broomball and softball with the teens which was a great time - I even hit a home run!

After we were good and tired, we headed back to the house for dinner, and after dinner Tyge and I had a shared devotional time where we got to share our testimony. We took an hour of tag teaming our story and it was such a treat to be able to share. I forget just how powerful a story it is and how drastic a change we had - all through Christ alone.

When we were done most of the team was crying and thanked us for sharing. They prayed for us had such gracious and encouraging things to say, despite not knowing us too well at that point. We had a bit of a God high but knew we had out first early work day so headed to bed.

**Some photos taken by me, some taken by other team members!

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