Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Nursery Plans!

I know I've alluded to it in a few posts, but I am SO excited about our nursery "theme" and can't wait to get things going in there. Now that we have an almost cleared out room, we'll be doing things slowly over the next few months. I want to try to have it mostly done a month ahead of time as I know friends who have had babies early (I myself was 5 weeks early!) or been put on bed rest at the end, so couldn't finish things. Not that it NEEDS to be done before the baby comes, but I'd LIKE it to be. :)

Anyway, since we're not finding out the gender I knew we needed neutral nursery colors and theme (I wasn't about to wait until baby was actually here to start decorating - the planning and prep work is half the fun!). As far as colors go that was an easy choice - "my" colors have always been sage green, chocolate brown, and white, from my high school bedroom to our wedding colors:

I just love that color combo and think it's perfect for a boy or a girl. As far as the theme goes, I found the below bedding set awhile back and loved the idea of trees, deer, squirrels, birds, and other woodland animals. I was originally going to get this set, but decided it was a bit too "matchy-matchy" and wanted to have more basic bedding with woodland accents elsewhere - this was a good starting inspiration anyway:
So here are some other inspiration photos of ideas of gathered here and there, and items I've ordered. The room will be pained a sage green, we'll have white furniture (crib, dresser & shelf), and a chocolate brown rocker/recliner chair.

Wall decal


Crib Mobile


I bought a dresser like this off Craigslist that Tyge will paint white, and we'll use that as a changing table

We'll also do a frame gallery above it, filled with the artwork I've ordered from Etsy below:

I love this popular Pinterest idea of using this Ikea shelf as a horizontal storage unit - it'll go under the window with storage baskets underneath, and a patterned cushion on top:

And a few woodsy accent ideas:

So there you have it - my ideas for our woodland themed nursery! I may wait to do some of the accent pieces until baby is here so I can get more feminine or masculine ones. I can't wait to see it all come together in the actual room over the coming months. Of course, it will be even more complete come 8/24 when there's a little one in there! :)


  1. Oh my word, I LOVE IT ALL! So stickin' cute and can't wait to see the end result with baby sleeping in his or her crib. Plus it's so fitting for you and Tyge and your hunting passion. :)

  2. Adorable! And very appropriate - your little will be seeing those same critters out in the back yard every day! But.... inquiring minds want to know: where will you put the dried hydrangeas??? xoxo

  3. I can't wait to see it all come together!