Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Nesting begins - The LIST!

I am behind on blogging once again, whoops... All is well in my world, just been so busy getting back into "life" since the trip. I still need to finish blogging Puebla days 6-10 before it gets too late, which it almost is...Stay tuned on that one - I WILL do it by next weekend!

Because Tyge and I had the mission trip to prepare for, we didn't really focus on anything baby before we left and have slowly started to since adjusting to being back home. Now that we're over halfway there (21 weeks - when did that happen?!) it's time to start tackling the "Before Baby List"! Yes, I made a list. I had a million things swirling through my head about what needed to be done so I made a list, which helped my OCD brain get organized. This is in no way a finalized list and it's in no particular order - just things we need to get done between now and D-Day.

Before Baby (8/24) Checklist!

  • Get eating on track – including more iron
  • Start exercising – 2x/week (walking & weights)
  • Plan a Babymoon
  • Research Natural birth (read Ina Mays Guide & Bradley books)
  • Sign up for baby classes (childbirth, baby care, nursing)
  • Merge office into guest room & reorg that room:
    • Break down & donate corner desks
    • Buy new desk (Craigslist)
    • Clean & move bookshelves
  • Nursery decor:
    • Paint walls (pick out sage green paint after bedding comes in May)
    • Buy & apply wall decal
    • Changing table frames & art
    • Mobile, lamp, woodsy accents, etc.
    • Curtains / changing pad cover / rug / other textiles
  • Nursery furniture:
    • Buy crib
    • Chair from Mom & Dad
    • Sand/paint dresser (Tyge)
    • Buy Ikea long window shelf & wall bookshelves
  • Achieve organization:
    • Garage
    • Storage room
    • Workout room
    • Kitchen cabinets – room for baby things
  • Register for shower gifts
  • Start researching maternity leave
  • Register for daycare
  • Write a basic will
  • Finances - finalize a long term savings plan, pay off Acadia, revamp budget
  • Tour St. John’s & pre-register with the hospital
  • Prepare a basic birth plan 
  • Make Freezer Meals (2 weeks worth)
  • Buy necessary baby supplies/gear we didn’t get from showers (i.e. car seat & stroller)
  • Install car seat and 2 bases
  • Pack hospital bag/cooler & make day-of arrangements for Keely
  • Wash baby clothes/blankets

So last weekend and last night we tackled one of the items on the list - merging the guest room/office to make room for the nursery!  For awhile now, I've envisioned in my mind moving the guest bed into the existing office and rearranging furniture in there, having Tyge paint the walls the blue color. This would leave the guest room open for the nursery, which would also need to be painted (sage green). Tyge and a few others I'd told about my "plan" asked if the nursery could go in the office instead, with the office furniture moved into the blue guest room, so two rooms didn't need to be painted. Not that he would have minded, but he had a point. It took a bit of time and thinking (as well as playing around with this awesome virtual layout tool) but I realized it did make more sense to have the nursery in the existing office room for a few reasons.  I had to be flexible (something I'm not the *best* at when it comes to my plans) and adjust my original nursery layout, but this way works great as well! He will have to switch out the fans, however, so the white one is in the nursery instead of that nasty brass one.

Office with 2 giant (unused) corner desks and 2 bookcases - now the nursery to be!

Old photo of guest room - new bedding now and white dresser (that will go in nursery closet)

Crappy cell phone pic of the combo room

Shot #2

I plan to get an actual desk chair instead of a stool, and Tyge will need to fashion some sort of risers for the desk legs as it's a kid's desk and his knees don't quite fit, haha! Gotta love a Craigslist deal, though! I've never really hung photos or artwork in here as I knew it was a transitional room, so I'm excited to personalize the room a bit. We still have some things to clear out of the old office room and put into the desk drawers, etc, but it the combined space looks even better than I thought it would! I can't wait to get the nursery 100% cleared out so we can start doing things in there - THAT's the room I'm excited to decorate!!!


  1. I'd love to make you a few freezer meals (if you don't mind them being meat-free!) I have a few pastas and soups that freeze really well. Let me know :)

  2. Room turned out super nice. I am more than happy to bring you a meal too and give you whatever I have that will help, including a "natural birth plan" that we used and St. John's did great with. If it makes you feel better, you have plenty of time, we did not make a list until about week 34 :)