Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Three Things I'm Thankful/Excited For:
1. The chance I had to serve as a sub on the worship team at WH last weekend - what an awesome experience! I got to practice with them last Wednesday evening and Saturday afternoon and sing in all three services. Not only was the team awesome to work with, but the chance to do what I love (singing) to serve the One I love (Jesus) was beyond cool. Tyge came to all three services (and snapped a few pics) and Betsy & Eric, Bridget, and my parents came on Sunday as well to support me! It was the highlight of my weekend and I hope to be asked to sub again.

2. Better sleep on the horizon! Part of the reason we don't sleep well is because our mattress is terrible. We purchased a new high quality one just a year ago and it's already like a hammock in the middle. We went through the painstaking warranty process and finally heard back that they will replace it! And thanks to the hubby's awesome negotiating skills, they are replacing it with one of their top of the line mattresses, which should be delivered this weekend! I can't wait for that first good night's sleep!!!

3. Some relief from most first tri symptoms - I'm starting to feel like myself again! Thank you Jesus!

Three Things I'm Praying For:
1. Petrie - of course. I can finally say that! Grow baby, grow!

2. With only a few weeks to go until Mexico, I'm praying for all the preparations and things that need to get done before we go (we have a craft night on Saturday!) and for unity for our team.

 3. Job "stuff" for a few of those in my life that I care about.

With eyes on Him,


  1. Was the highlight of our week to see and hear you singing with the worship team, Kate! That beautiful voice lifted in praise....ahhhhhhh:) xoxo to you and Petrie

  2. Wish I could have worshipped along with you. I bet you did an amazing job. You looked beautiful by the way.