Monday, February 20, 2012

First Tri Recap - Telling Everyone

I promise this blog won't turn into a pregnancy only type of blog, but I've had SO much going on the past few months that I haven't been able to blog about and now that the secret is out, I want to get it all down - warning, long, wordy, and picture less post ahead. :)  

I guess now that we're heading into the second trimester it's finally hitting me that I'm not just pregnant, but we're having a baby! I would be lying if I said the first tri flew by because it didn't - the days until week 12 (the "safe zone") have slowly ticked by for sure. I guess I'll just start at the beginning and highlight some important milestones of the first tri - telling our friends and family.

After the miscarriage we tried again one month with no positive, so this was only our second month of trying. Though I was hoping for it to happen again soon, both Tyge and I had prepared ourselves that it could take a very long time, and I was finally at peace with that. My lady friend was due on a Wednesday and didn't come, so I took a test and it was negative. I figured by body was still out of whack from the m/c so didn't think anything of it. That weekend we went to SD for my family Christmas and I even tested again before we left, knowing I'd most likely be drinking wine - it was again negative. One thing I didn't mention in that post was my cousins announced their pregnancy, and while I was happy for them, yet another person announcing did hurt a little - little did I know I was also pregnant!

We drove back early that Monday morning and I just felt a little "off" so decided to test when we got home. Tyge went into work that afternoon while I was at home, so I was alone. When I saw the two lines I was shocked to say the least! It just didn't feel real (and still didn't until recently haha), even though all three tests I took said positive! I had dinner made for us when Tyge got home, and had wrapped the stick in tissue and put it in a Christmas bag by his plate. He opened it and was also shocked, but said he knew something was up! Our reaction was bittersweet - don't get me wrong, we were very excited and thankful, but very cautious. We didn't have that blind, innocent excitement we had the first time around due to what happened. I didn't start making nursery plans, stroller comparing, making a list of who to tell and when, or anything like that.

We thought about waiting until 12 weeks to even tell our parents, but decided that because we'd be with his family for Christmas up North it would be too hard to hide it. We were leaving that weekend so wanted to be sure to tell my parents before we left. We ended up seeing them last minute that Wednesday before we left and I had a "Christmas Kisses for Grandma" bib wrapped up for my mom to open. She got it right away and of course started tearing up - both her and my dad were very happy for us. In order to protect ourselves, we said that we didn't really want to talk about the baby or make plans until we were past 12 weeks which I knew would be so tough for them, but that's what I needed for myself. They understood and were cautiously excited right alongside us.

We told Tyge's parents and brother and sister-in law when we got up North that Friday night. We were all sitting around playing Loaded Questions and when it came Tyge's turn to read the answers he threw "We're having a baby" in there and it took a few moments for everyone to catch it. Once they did, the game stopped, hugs started, and everyone was very happy for us. The weekend went on without us telling the rest of the family, but it was kind of fun to have our little secret. :)

We really debated about telling our friends at the NYE Pajama Party but in the end, I decided I'd rather just have people know than hide it all night. I wanted to be myself and enjoy the time and not have to worry if others were wondering what I was hiding. I also didn't want to make a big deal about it as I was only 6 weeks along, but our good friends quietly found out one by one as they saw my drinking fake champagne. Of course they were all excited, but respected my wishes to be cautiously optimistic and not spread the secret just yet.

The next set of friends to tell was our "Nuts" group, which happened at one of our meetings when I was 8 weeks along. Almost the whole night had passed and Tyge and I suggested that we read out NY Goals to them since we missed their NY weekend at the cabin where they all shared theirs. We read ours through, and ended with the Physical category where I shared I wanted to gain less than 25 lbs. of pregnancy weight. Everyone was kind of silent and someone said "like, someday?" and I said, "Nope, now - I'm 8 weeks along." Hugs all around along with happy tears of joy.

From then on we told close friends as we saw them or over the phone. We also called our grandparents a week ago and close family that we wanted to tell, and gave the okay to our parents to tell the rest of the family. I know they loved getting the secret out as well!

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