Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The end of summer

To most, Labor Day signals the end of summer, but since it was so cold in MN that weekend it sure didn't seem like summer! This past weekend was just gorgeous, and Tyge and I took the opportunity to have a picnic lunch on the boat Sunday afternoon. We brought Keely girl with and she loved it. She has gotten to be quite the bold little lab this summer on the boat, and took it upon herself to jump off the bow once we anchored for lunch, and spent 20 minutes swimming laps around the boat while we ate. Silly girl.

                                         Keely is sad that summer and boating are over...

Last night because it was such a beautiful breezy, cool "summer" night we decided to sleep on our air mattress in the screen porch. We had done that over Memorial Day weekend and loved it out there! It started out beautiful and I fell asleep quickly listening to the wind and sounds of crickets chirping. However, we woke up several times throughout the night freezing cold as we only had a thin blanket and it got down to 50 degrees. Oops! Then when the neighbor's sprinklers went of at 5 AM, we decided it was time to go back in the house for a few more hours of good (and warm!) sleep! I guess we'll have to wait until next summer to do that again!

Reflecting back on the summer a bit, we had a great one! I wanted to have one "last" fun summer kid-free, and we did. After the 13 weddings in summer 2010, it was nice to have a bit more freedom and we certainly filled our weekends with other fun things!

A few highlights include:
-Buying our first boat - with cash! Wanting something and working hard to save for it felt great, and we put the boat to use many evenings on Gervais Lake as well as some fun Saturday/Sunday afternoons on White Bear and Bald Eagle lakes. We were able to take our parents out fishing, and Tyge and I had several fun boat dates where he would fish and I would lounge on the back deck. Keely girl loved riding in the boat as well, and as illustrated above, learned to jump in the water.
My hunny doing what he does best

-The Gallagan wedding and all the festivities surrounding it. It was so fun to be in a wedding with Tyge, and Bridget and Ryan got married in the same church we did two years prior, so it was fun to relive those memories.
Mr. & Mrs!
Fun in the Studio Booth by Callie V!

-My 28th birthday party hosted by my parents - a fun night indeed! Thanks Mom and Dad for helping to prove you can still be goofy at 28.
Good fun with good friends! Some clearly missed the "goofy pic!" memo...

-My annual birthday trip to Chicago to visit Chelsea (my birthday buddy) and Brad. We brought Keely girl and her and their Max were fast friends.
Celebrating our June 24th birthday together since we were 16!

-4th of July weekend on Swan - fun as ever! Lots of fishing, ran a 10K, had lots of family QT and relaxation. To me, no 4th can ever top 2008, but it was still a great time!

4th of July parade proposal in 2008

-Garry Cabin Weekend - spending time with my family at their lake home was a blast! Fishing, boating, some Irish beverages, late night laughs and songs out by the bonfire, all topped off by being there for my Goddaughter Lila's baptism!
Lila Stone and her momma Karrie

-Breezy Point weekend with friends - our first year going, and hopefully not our last! Lots of fun at the rented cabin, shopping in Nisswa with the girls, hanging out on the sandbar, and dancing at the resort bar!

-Hitting the Top 10 Account Managers for Sapphire - a goal in the making for 4 years!

-State Fair with my Dad on Labor Day - hitting all the usual spots for some good father/daughter time and celebrating one year since he's been cancer free! Praise God!
Camera phone pic while taking a break

-The birth of our beautiful new niece Lark Renee, also on Labor Day at 5:58 AM - 7lb 10oz of pure baby girl joy!
With dad, Brian
And mom, Naomi

 -The news that brother Brian was found to be cancer free, after 3 months of intense chemo - the power of prayer!
Tyge attending an 8 hour chemo session with Brian - he shaved his head in solidarity!

-Finding our new church, Woodland Hills, and being excited to get more involved there! 

There were, of course, many more fun memories from our summer but that's just a few top ones. Looking forward to this fall which will be busy and filled with hunting trips, this winter with the holidays and hopefully some down time, then this spring which will bring the best memory of all - the baby!

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