Saturday, September 10, 2011


Since none of our friends and family know about "Petrie" as we are so affectionately calling him/her, it's good to have an outlet to write about things until we tell (and also make the blog public)! Speaking of which, we've decided to tell parents at 6 weeks, close friends and extended family around 8 weeks, and everyone else after 12 weeks. Being that I am the worst secret keeper in the WORLD, this will be very hard for me! There are certain people we want to be sure to tell in person, so I'll be posting how that goes as we get to them.

Anyway, until we tell, I'm hiding it. Which is hard to do when your friends know you like to have a glass of wine or a beer, and *may* be suspicious if you didn't. Especially when the weekend after you find out you have a 10 year high school reunion and close friend's birthday party, with people there who know you well...Luckily after this weekend we don't have too much going on until we plan to tell so it shouldn't be too hard to "hide", but last night was interesting.

We started out by going to a friend's house (Katrina's brother actually) who lived close to the venue, and so we could carpool with Katrina and Brian. Tyge and I brought a few bottles of dark beer to share, with the idea that I would excuse myself to the bathroom after opening one, dump it down the sink (oh the horror!!!) and fill it with water. Everything was going according to plan, until I realized the glass bottle wouldn't fit under the faucet, no matter which way I turned it! I mildly panicked, until I realized the homeowners had kids. Kids = bathtub toys. I pulled open the shower curtain to find a kiddy toy with a "cup" in it - YES! I filled the cup with sink water, dumped it into my beer bottle, and repeated until the bottle was full. My new beverage tasted like soapy, slightly hoppy, warm sink water. Yum.

The rest of the night was easy enough - I made friends with the bartender at the venue right away and asked him to remember me, so that every time I ordered a vodka soda it was just soda water. He obliged, and no one suspected a thing.

I tell you what though, Petrie is WELL worth the hiding, but I can't wait until we can share the news!

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