Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Three Things Tuesday (3TT)

So I suppose started this blog as a way to chronicle happenings, post pictures, write about things I'm thankful for/excited about and to share the desires of my heart. One week ago today was when our miscarriage was confirmed, so obviously the first several posts have been about our recent loss, which has been therapeutic for me. However, I don't want the blog to take a negative turn or be too "woe-is-me", so I want to start "Three Things Tuesday" where I'll list three things I'm thankful for, and three things I'm praying for. I'm hoping I'll be able to look back at these Tuesday posts every so often and find a pattern of answered prayer or lessons God is teaching me, and if anything, it's a visual reminder of all the GOOD I have in my life! Here's today:

Three Things I'm Thankful For:
1. Continued love, support, and prayers from friends and family - even one week later. Specifically the dinner we had with close friends who also recently miscarried last night, and the fact that we were able to share our story with them and sympathize with each other. Not exactly a "club" any of us wanted to be a part of, but nice to share with them and know we're not alone.

2. My physical healing - the lingering symptoms are almost 100% gone!

3. Our upcoming Colorado trip - we leave Thursday morning!!! So excited to visit Evergreen (where Tyge grew up) and see cousins Travis and Karrie and my goddaughter Lila in Fort Collins.

Three Things I'm Praying For:
1. Continued emotional healing for myself - the physical part is mostly done, but I still get some emotional pangs and sadness (which is to be expected) so I'm still praying about it.

2. Tyge to feel better - he started to get sick on Sunday and woke up today with a horrible sore throat and fever. He stayed home today and plans to go to Minute Clinic, so I pray he gets meds and starts to feel better by Thursday!

3. Brother Brian's RPLND surgery at Mayo this Friday - I don't love the idea that Tyge and I will be gone, but they insisted we don't cancel our trip. He'll be at Mayo for a week so we'll see him when we get back, and then he'll have a 3 month healing process once he gets back home, so I'm sure we'll be over there helping as much as we can and as much as they need. It is a very scary surgery, so I'm praying for their surgeon and medical team, and that Brian comes out with as little complications as possible.

With eyes on Him,

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