Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Today is my dad's 62nd birthday! It is also the third anniversary of Grandma Garry's passing. Unfortunately the two events happened on the same day so birthdays from now on must be slightly bittersweet for my dad. So Tyge and I were able to celebrate with him and my mom tonight and reflect both on Dad's 62 years of life so far and remember Grandma's 84 years.

We went over to my parents house to enjoy a traditional English pastie dinner - my dad's favorite. The diet can bend for these babies! If you've never had a pastie, it is basically a beef/potato/onion pie all wrapped up in a buttery, flaky pie crust.

Smothered in ketchup (and served with red wine?) they are heavenly!

And my mom makes them perfectly just like my grandma Cot - nothing like a family recipe! 

After dinner he got to open his presents and we had cake - his favorite German Chocolate.

Make a wish!

We had a nice evening catching up on their (and our!) recent travels, talking about upcoming holiday plans, and sharing our favorite memories of Daddy Dan.

Growing up as an only child, I was very close to both my mom and dad. I think because my parents didn't have that son, my dad did things with me that he would typically do with a boy, like hunting and Twins baseball games. Because of this I am pretty well rounded and enjoy both "girl" and "guy" activities. Tyge thanks you, Dad. :) I have so many good memories with my dad growing up and am definitely a Daddy's girl. I couldn't have asked for a better father growing up, and love how our relationship has evolved over the years. I went through a pretty rough stage for my parents years back, and I am so grateful they didn't give up on me. :) My dad is one of the most dependable guys I know - he's come to rescue me many a time, figuratively and literally. He's been (along with my mom) my biggest supporter, my emotional rock, my cheerleader, a person I can always count on. Now that I'm married, I look to my husband for a lot of the support I used to look to my dad for, but no matter what he will always be my dad and I will always need him.

I have a MILLION fond memories growing up with my dad and a MILLION pictures to show them - thanks to my photog momma! However I don't have as many in digital format, so I'm just sharing memories to go along with the few that I do.

Dad ran my first race with me, and subsequently made it to many more throughout my running career. I can remember him cheering "Kick it in gear, Katie Mae!" at many of my high school cross country meets.

Dad learned to love musicals and all things choir and never missed a show, recital, or concert of mine. Though he did start out by asking when "halftime" was.

Dad took me on father daughter canoe outings down the St. Croix every summer when I was little, including the summer I fell into a fire pit and he had to scoop me out...

Dad went through gun safety with me, taught me how to hunt, and took me to the Farm each year for the family hunting weekend.

Dad took me to Twins games at the Dome growing up, where I was allowed two treats per game. I usually chose Cracker Jacks and a malt cup. :)
Clearly not the Dome, but a Twins game nonetheless...

Dad took me to the State Fair every year - I think we've only missed one or two in the 24 years we've been going. Growing up we went three times per year - once with mom, once with a friend of my choosing, and lastly just he and I. We have our favorite must hit spots, like the Salem Lutheran Church for egg drop coffee and pie, watching the parade, eating Pronto Pups, the roasted corn, picking our favorite pieces in the Art Barn, Machinery Hill, and playing water shooting games on the midway. Even now that I'm married, this father-daughter tradition is one we still continue, and will do so even when I have to push him through the crowds in a wheelchair!
Farley goes to the Fair! Summer 2010

Dad calmed me down as we were about to walk down the aisle on my wedding day.

Dad walked me down that long aisle and gave his only daughter away to her husband.

Dad told me, "slow down, we only get to do this once" as we walked towards my husband-to-be.

Dad gave a heartfelt father-of-the-bride wedding toast.

Dad danced with me to Steven Curtis Chapman's 'Cinderella' as we talked about where we've been, and all the exciting things the future would hold.

Dad wants to be a grandpa in the worst way, and will be a great one when the time comes. When he got cancer last year, of the thousands of thoughts running through my head one of the biggest was "What if I don't have the chance to give him grandkids?" Praise the Lord, Dad pulled through and beat that cancer! Those few months were some of the scariest I've ever had, being that close to losing my dad, but I knew the good Lord had plans to keep him around much longer and am SO thankful He did! It was also hard for me to see my dad after the miscarriage because I just so badly desire to make him a grandpa, but I know that I will in time.

And I pray Tyge and I can give him many grandkids that he can be around to love on, take to Twins games, the State Fair, and teach how to pheasant hunt for years to come.

Happy Birthday dear Dad and cheers to many more!

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