Monday, November 28, 2011

HOME for the Holidays!

I'm one of those that would Christmas-fy the house in early November, but Tyge won't let me - he makes me wait until after Thanksgiving. He also won't allow Christmas tunes in the house until after turkey day is over, but don't think I haven't been listening to them in my car on XM radio for two weeks now! I don't mean to make him out to be a Grinch or anything, I just LOVE Christmastime and he is more realistic about when it's appropriate to get into the holiday spirit than I am. :) Lucky for me, that day was last Saturday! Here is a photo tour of our house all decked out for the holidays:

 Front door looking in

Up to the right - frame wall

Living Room

Repurposed wedding vases as Christmas decorations!

The tree!

So for our first Christmas in the house two years ago, both our moms brought over some ornaments from our family trees growing up. It was eerie how many similar ones we had!

Cute little Tyge!

And little Kate

His high school football and my high school musical ornaments

Kate's (Katie G. actually) homemade craft

And Tyge's

Our skiing (Kate) and snowboarding (Tyge) ornaments

Personalized apples

And while I certainly appreciate the beauty of themed trees or fancy ornaments and lights all in the same color scheme, I like the main one in my home to have character and be filled with memories, like the ones below:

Tyge's baby booties

My Bert and Ernie - they always had to be placed side by side

The ornaments my dad and I painted when I was little

Snowflakes my Grandma Cot hand crocheted

Mistletoe heading into the dining room

Dining Room

Breakfast Nook


Going downstairs (new doorknob hooks too!)


Lots of Northwoods Christmas things on the shelves around the basement

And Tyge gets his very own Northwoods themed tree down there!

Complete with a pheasant on top!


  1. Beautiful!!! Love how similar your childhood ordiments are.

  2. Wow, your house looks wonderful!