Wednesday, November 9, 2011

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie...

...He's going to want a glass of milk. And if you give him a glass of milk, he's going to want...

Everyone knows that children's book and can relate to getting something that triggers another want, which spirals into another want, and so on. Such was the way with me and my beautiful new door! Let me tell you a little story...

If You Give a Girl a Freshly Painted Door
by Kate B.

If you give a girl a freshly pained door (in a sad looking entryway),

She's going to want new entryway rugs to match said door.

And if you give a girl new entryway rugs to match said door, she's going to want an entryway table to match said rugs.

And if you give a girl an entryway table to match said rugs, she's going to want a pretty receptacle for keys and things on said table.

And if you give a girl a "stuff plate" for said table, she's going to wait some tall decor to balance out said low stuff plate.

And if you give a girl some tall decor to match said low stuff plate, she's going to want a medium heighted item - perhaps some colorful potpourri in a glass bowl.

And if you give a girl decorative potpourri and said table is "complete", she's going to want some artwork for the wall behind the table to pull it all together. 

Add a pretty seasonal pumpkin, and finally the girl is satisfied and steps back to look at her beautifully updated entryway that matches her freshly painted door.

Apparently, Keely thinks it's quite a nice place for gnawing a bone.

Really old pic from inspection day - this is before the tile was redone even!

 Much better!


Okay let's be's never the end when it comes to decorating and home projects. :)


  1. It is beautiful! Hopefully we can see it in person sooner rather than later.
    ~Natalie Klauser

  2. Love the story AND the new entryway decor! :)
    -Mrs. Nard Dog