Sunday, November 13, 2011

Weekend Recap

This was the second weekend Tyge was gone hunting (pheasant this time) so I was happy to have plans with friends and family to keep me busy! Thankfully I didn't have any more pressing home projects to do, so I mostly got to enjoy the weekend.

Friday was a tough day at work (the ups and downs of sales!) so I *almost* cancelled my evening plans, but was SO glad I didn't. I went to a beer tasting dinner at Gasthaus Bavarian Hunter in Stillwater with Bridget, Ryan, Karla, Mike and two other couples they knew. This place does a wine tasting dinner each spring (we were signed up it for but had to cancel last minute due to a family emergency) and beer tasting dinner each fall. It was a four course German meal paired with Hofbrau beers.

Course 1 - Assorted German Appetizer Buffet with Hofbrau Lager

Course 2 - Apple and Spinach Salad with Hofbrau Weizen

Course 3 - Herb Roasted Pork Prime Rib, Potato Strudel and Fresh Vegetable with Hofbrau Dunkel

Course 4 - Caramel Apple Cake with Salted Maple Topping with Hofbrau Oktoberfest

I am so glad I didn't cancel as I got the chance to enjoy good food with great friends, let the work week go, and enjoy myself!

As Karla and Mike were driving me home when it was done, I mentioned I had a DVR'd Say Yes to the Dress and Karla asked if she could come watch it with me. I of course said yes and Mike came over too! We watched the show, "Uncle Mike" played with Keely, and we had a nice time laughing and talking. We also watched an episode of House Hunters International in Ireland and make grand plans to do an Ireland/Scotland trip in Fall 2013 - that would be so cool! Anyway, I know I love my alone time but I didn't realize how good it was to have friends over to keep me company with Tyge gone. We are so blessed to have moved in next door to such amazing neighbors and now close friends!

I slept in a bit Saturday morning and took Keely for a run around the lake - it was 60 degrees out! I was pleased I was able to run the whole 3 miles around, which means I'll be just fine for the Thanksgiving Day 5K. :) My mom and I had made plans to go out to eat and see a movie that afternoon, but she called and noted that because it was so nice out we should take advantage of it, and asked if we could go to the go to the Minnesota Zoo instead!

Growing up we lived 5 minutes from the zoo so my mom took me there many a time, and the last time I went was with Tyge on my birthday two years ago. I was happy to go again! We had a great time looking at all the animals - I took photos of a few favorites:

A momma giraffe and her tiger daughter

Camels - the huge male was so funny looking!

Chubby Prairie dogs

Tiger, who was growling and my mom kept growling back, which further aggravated it - too funny!

We also saw Born To Be Wild at the Imax 3D, which was about baby orangutans and elephants - a treat to watch (and those 3D glasses are so stylish to boot).

We followed that up with a quick stop at Pier One to get a few more items for my entryway project (did I say I was done with home projects? I lied.) and had a nice dinner at Houlihans. It was so good to spend some quality mother-daughter time with her, which we don't get to do very often!

My hunny came home around 7:30 PM and both Keely and I were so happy to see him. I fed him some of my mom's leftover beef and potatoes she sent home with me and we watched one of our shows (Homeland) before crashing into bed around 9 - guess we were both exhausted!

We also slept in a bit this morning and Tyge made me a yummy brunch before church. Boyd's message on marriage today was awesome, and I'm sure I'll share a few nuggets on it in a post sometime soon. This Relatively Speaking series he's doing at Woodland Hills is very good so far! After church we got our grocery shopping done, made lunch, I meal planned for this week and we're both relaxing now before dinner and our Sunday night shows (Dexter and Homeland).

A nice weekend with friends and family indeed, and I am sure glad to have my hunny home again, for awhile this time!

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