Monday, October 10, 2011

Boating in October?

I love being spontaneous and with our busy schedule, Tyge and I don't get the chance to very often. I was leaving the house on Saturday morning for my hair cut and color appointment (done by the fabulous Katrina at Cole's Salon who also happens to be one of my best friends so catching up with her was nice as well!) and couldn't believe how nice it was outside! Once I got back home, our Saturday plans consisted of a to-do list a mile long, and hopefully that Saturday night date. Well, I called Tyge from the road remarking how nice it was outside and could we perhaps scrap the to-do list and take the boat out on the river instead? We hit many of the area lakes over the summer but never went out on any rivers, and Saturday was probably one of the last nice days of the year we could do that! Tyge happily agreed and had the boat all ready by the time I got home.

We took the scenic route into Stillwater and the leaves were absolutely beautiful! We easily found the public launch on the St. Croix and away we went. We headed away from Stillwater and slowly cruised down the river, gawking at the leaves and snapping some pictures.
Amazing fall colors - these pictures don't do it justice!

Keely girl loves the boat
My handsome (and goofy) driver :)

Halfway down our river ride, we found a little island where we docked the boat and let Keely swim. She LOVES fetching sticks and could have stayed in the water for hours. Luckily it was so warm out, we didn't mind!

Again, again!
Some cool action shots Tyge got - Running...
Sploosh - I'm in!
What a happy water dog!

The view from the island was also gorgeous
Cool bridge nearby
And then Keely spotted a mud puddle on the other side of the island - see the intrigue in her eyes?
Mud is as much fun as water!
Silly, dirty lab
Pretty girl
Another nice view from the island


A tank top in October - unheard of!
One last shot from the boat before we head back to shore

It was such an enjoyable, easy day out on the water that turned into a fantastic date for Tyge and me. I am so blessed to have a spontaneous husband who was willing to put off chores to have a little fun! I can't say for sure (if this weather keeps us anyway!) but I think this was our last day on the water for the year, and the memories of it will last me through the long winter to come.

Thank you God for warm and crisp fall weather, for all of your natural creation and it's beauty, for my incredible husband, my silly lab, and for a free Saturday in which to enjoy it all!

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