Sunday, October 30, 2011


Duuuh duh....Duuuuh duh...Duuuh duh....look out! It's Labrashark!

Miss Keely is thrilled with her Halloween costume this year (as most dogs in costume are)! When she was little we referred to her as the "labrashark" because her puppy teeth were so sharp and she would chew on anything she could get those teeth on - see?

Lookit how stinkin' cute she was as a puppy!!!

This costume was perfect for her! Behold, the Labrashark:
Help me - I'm being eaten by a shark!

Aren't you even a little bit concerned about this situation, Mom?

I am! Get this thing off me!

No, seriously. Get it off and stop taking pictures.

Fine, I will take matters into my own hands. Er, mouth.

Okay fine, one last picture...only cause I look so cute.

Okay, we're done now, ya hear?!

Thanks to Keely for being such a good girl during our little photo shoot. She makes the cutest shark I've ever seen, and she doesn't even actually bite anymore! :)

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