Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween from Dexter & Debra Morgan!

We love the Showtime series Dexter and I've always thought Tyge looks like Michael C. Hall (Dexter), so last year we dressed up as brother and sister team Dexter & Debra Morgan. Not many people at last year's party watched the show or knew who we were, so we went as the Morgans again to a few Halloween parties this past weekend to see if we could get more recognition. :)

Dexter Morgan

Tyge as Dexter (2010)

Debra Morgan

Us as the Morgan siblings in 2010

And again in 2011!

We had a nice weekend, albeit busy once again! We spent the entire day on Saturday putting away deck/screen porch furniture and sanding, priming, and painting our front door and spray painting all the knobs and outside 80's brass (now bronze!) fixtures. It was a loooong day but good to get done - I'll show pics once it's all dry. Saturday night came as a much needed break to celebrate Halloween at a few parties after a long day's work. First we stopped by Tyge's coworker Ann's place to say a quick hello and see their awesomely decorated house. Then we met the rest of our friends at the Shaffer house for their annual Halloween party! There were kiddos and adults (and dogs!) all having a great time there and it was so good to see that group, as we hadn't in awhile. We made a stop at Jimmy's on the way home to check out what the costumes were like this year, then called it a night. Yesterday was church, finishing the door (another 6 hours of it), then our favorite Sunday night event - DEXTER!

Tonight we'll hand out candy to the neighborhood kids, which is always a treat (trick or treat?) to see the cute costumes. Two years ago for our first Halloween in the neighborhood, we bought a case of king size Snickers bars from Costco to hand out and had almost no one come by the house because we had just moved in (that day in fact!). I'm going to be THAT neighbor this year and hand out Tootsie Rolls, Tootsie Pops, and Skittles. What can I say? I don't want the leftover chocolate in the house!

Have a safe and Happy Halloween everyone!!!

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